What is Match Day Digital?

Matchday Digital has been created to allow football clubs to publish their match day programmes on the iPad/iPhone. The Matchday Digital App allows your supporters to access your match day programme anytime, anywhere.

Traditionally the match day programme was only available in printed format and sold only at the match itself. Using the latest technology we have developed a product which digitally turns your programme into iPad/iPhone format opening up a whole new world to you and your supporters.

No matter where they are, fans whether they are sitting on a train or in their living room, can now have the same turn-page experience that they would have in the stadium.

Why use Match Day Digital?

Matchday Digital creates new revenue opportunities by tapping into new market segments. International, ex-patriot fans or those simply not able to attend the match can now take part in the match day experience by accessing your programme from their iPad/iPhone.

Matchday Digital brings additional revenue streams to your club. You can take advantage of additional advertising space, interactive elements, sell back copies, set up subscription packages, and send push notifications to your fan base so they never need miss out on a copy.

Let us make your match day programme come to life on the iPad/iPhone. All that is needed is a pdf of your printed programme and we’ll do the rest. There are NO set-up or on-going fees to join.

Will Matchday Digital have any impact on our print sales?

No. On the whole physical programmes are in decline at more or less every club in the league and this is very the reason Matchday Digital was created. It was developed to help “assist” the sales/revenue of the physical programme.

Matchday Digital was not created to “replace” physical sales which is why there is the option for clubs to make the digital version of their programme available well after a match has been played.

So, physical sales remain unaffected yet extra revenue can be generated from supporters that are unable to watch the game (e.g ex pats, international supporters, or those who simply cannot make the game).


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