What is Match Day Digital?

Matchday Digital has been created to allow football clubs to publish their match day programmes on the iPad & iPhone. The Matchday Digital App allows your supporters to access your match day programme anytime, anywhere.

Traditionally the match day programme was only available in printed format and sold only at the match itself. Using the latest technology we have developed a product which digitally turns your programme into iPad/iPhone format opening up a whole new world to you and your supporters.

No matter where they are, whether they are sitting on a train or in their living room, fans can now have the same turn-page experience that they would have in the stadium.

Why use Match Day Digital?

MDd brings football content and supporters together in a single app which allows publishers to deliver their content to a much wider audience than they would through their own print or digital sites and apps. We are for all clubs and fans, from the Combined Counties to the Premier League, both men’s and women’s as well as different countries.
Our IP – the Intelligent Content Engine – matches material uploaded to the clubs, leagues and countries which fans follow on the App, dramatically increasing the visibility and reach of each of the publications and allowing for a smart and rich user experience for fans.
The platform is free to use for clubs and publishers and we work on a revenue share based on the volume sold and a further re-investment into marketing with each partner.
We have a strong technology roadmap which will allow for more interactivity, dynamic content and translations as we expand our reach globally.

What about Print?

Serve your keepers and wake your sleepers! There is always room for collectors of programmes and magazines. MDd will work alongside you to support and grow your distribution, particularly to those fans who have moved to digital media and of course open up to many people who do not attend games in person but watch live through another subscription.

Our research shows that broadly speaking only 20% of match attendees now buy a physical programme. This has stabilised over the last year or so, and as with any traditional media (think vinyl records and DVDs) there is always an audience. Our platform helps you reach a much wider audience which should protect and even grow your print customers. We will even offer the opportunity to ‘buy and keep’ for those readers who may want both a printed and digital copy.

Other platforms are taking and monetising your voice. We are here to help you reclaim it.

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